Universal Background Check UBC Obama Gun Control

Here we go again folks.  Just like ol Rahm Emanuel once said, “never let a good crisis go to waste”, it would seem the Obama administration is pulling out ALL the stops.  Flying victims families to the White House aboard Air Force One, having the family of one of the victims give the weekly address.  My heart truly goes out to those personally involved in that situation, but the fact remains the continued failure of the Federal Government to enforce existing laws only adds to the problem.  Out of some 50,000 attempts from prohibited persons trying to buy a firearm from a dealer only to be denied, only 44 were even prosecuted and sadly only 17 convictions were won.  And take a wild guess who is at the bottom of even prosecuting these criminals, wait for it,,,,,,,,,,, Chicago and New York.   One thing they will never seem to grasp is the fact, and I will go slow in case they stumble upon this article, criminals      do      not      obey      laws.

The “40%” of all firearm sales figure comes from an early 1990’s survey of two to three hundred people asked “if the last firearm they acquired had a background check performed”, so if they had borrowed or traded a gun with their family member that was included.

If you go to ANY gun show and buy a firearm from a dealer/FFL (Federal Firearm License), they are REQUIRED BY LAW to conduct a NICS check on ANY FIREARM PURCHASE.  If you buy one online and have it shipped, IT IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO BE SHIPPED TO A FFL THAT IS THEN REQUIRED BY LAW TO PERFORM A NICS CHECK ON YOU BEFORE YOU PICK UP SAID FIREARM.  The “Universal Background Check” they are proposing, WILL require a NICS check if you buy a firearm from a coworker, uncle or neighbor.

The power grab, I mean new laws they are proposing, the UBC or the catch phrase of 2013, the Universal Background Check will not and would not have prevented ANY of the mass shootings.  All of the shooters either passed the existing NICS, National Instant Check System or they stole the firearm used.

The blame for these shooting lies at the foot of the criminals and congress, who in their infinite wisdom came up with the “gun-free zones”, which by they way, EVERY SINGLE MASS SHOOTING, EXCEPT ONE, TOOK PLACE AT ONE OF THEIR “GUN-FREE ZONES”.  Conveniently, the left will NEVER admit this fact.  Watch the video for a perspective you will NEVER see on the MSM.

Dr. Suzanna Hupp Testimony Before Congress on the 2nd Amendment



In the Sandy Hook tragedy, there were some courageous people who attempted to fight the shooter, but the Elite in Washington took away their tools they needed to fight back effectively.

Their argument is always “what if someone shoots and hits an innocent person”?  I would gladly take a stray bullet if it meant there would have no more victims.

Another shooting that was always exploited before was the Clakamas Town Center Shooting, the MSM (Main Stream media) always used this shooting as a call for more gun control.  Then stories online started reporting a concealed carry holder had confronted the shooter, at that point, the shooter killed himself.  If you notice, they never mention this shooting anymore, nor do they say anything about the concealed carry holder who confronted the shooter.

The fact of the matter is, for years the left and their appointed police chiefs have been telling the American people, to cower when you are confronted by a criminal.  Give the criminals what they want, whether it is your money, tv, car, life or a girls innocence.  They say “it is not worth dieing over”.  This mentality is evident by the recent MASS STABBING at a Texas University.  The attacker used an Xacto knife.  What the HELL is wrong with people when some jackass armed with a half inch bladed Xacto knife can cut 12 people before he is neutralized.

I have never been in any situation like those mentioned above, but I’ll be DAMNED if I am going to cower in the corner and wait for some nut to come over and put a bullet in my head.