Resist the NannY State

A buddy of mine came up with this T-Shirt after many of the bright ideas the elected officials in New York state and New York city has come up with over the past year.

Residents of New York need to wake up and vote these fools out of office.  With every little step, the NannY state keeps taking away YOUR RIGHTS little by little.  Many times, they pass these laws late at night with little or NO oversight.  As evidenced by the fact the idiots that wrote this law did NOT exempt law enforcement as many of these laws do.  Matter of fact, these geniuses do not even know what the penalties are for many of the laws they just passed.  It is becoming more typical for the fools to pass laws without even reading them.  Of course NONE of these EVER apply to Cuomo or Bloomberg, as they are “better” than us.  Just like all the other elite in America.

New York is more and more wanting to CONTROL EVERY aspect of your life.  They know what is best for you and your family.  If they take a way your guns, they take a way your ability to fight back.  And some of the things we have seen out of them only confirm it is NOT about GUN control, it is ABOUT CONTROL.

To me, New York is so bad that I refuse to drive through that state, let alone actually stop and visit there.  I WILL not spend one red cent in that state.